I’m addicted to the sky

I’m addicted to the sky and the way the sun gleams through my car windows as I cruise down the highway, allowing the music that plays through my speakers reflect the emotions I feel inside. I am here, floating in the notes of beautiful music, drifting into the sunset. All cares washing clean with each note sang loudly and profusely.

I’m addicted to the sky and its ability to change like my mood. The bright blue colors fade to black and down fall raindrops, sort of like my tears. Each drop exposing my vulnerability, ultimately disappearing once some one strong, like the sun, comes along and everyday thereafter shines with the light of a thousand suns.

I’m addicted to the sky and the way it morphs into a cotton candy color when the sun sets, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; carefully learning that today’s obstacles are merely a call to strengthen and challenge my inner self.

And as the bright colors begin to fade and suddenly out pops the moon, it reminds me that stars can’t shine without darkness. So keep growing and accepting yourself day after day, flaws and all. And remember, the beauty of a pure heart is like the sky, no matter what the condition, it always finds time to shine.

– Ash Xoxo


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