Just write

Just write, write about the rage. Write about the feelings that are stirring up inside of you, screaming to be spoken yet are as silent as a mouse. Write about the discomforting thoughts that overflow your brain at night while you lie awake reminiscing of the way things used to be. Write about the journey, the constant work you put in each day to strive not for perfection, but for something far superior, like self love. Write about the dark days when self love seemed non-existent or better yet, the brighter days where not only do you possess self love, but also a selfless adoration from another soul. A soul so connected to yours that life without it seems unimaginable.

Write about death, the death of the old you. The you that didn’t see your faults and wouldn’t even if they were to smack you in the face. Then, write about your rebirth, how one situation shifted your whole perspective and made you dig so deep for peace, a peace of mind knowing that you can lay your head down at night with a clear conscious and a full heart.

Just write, write about your communication with others and how sometimes it can seem so foreign, as if you are both speaking a different language and can’t see eye to eye. Write your thoughts down, clear and concise. “Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions and your actions become your habit.” Break your bad habit of toxic thoughts and just write, write about everything you’re thankful for, anything that ignites the fire in your soul to yearn for more and do better. Write about those things.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

– Ash Xoxo


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