Motivate yourself

What motivates you? Is it the sun that peaks through the shadows early in the morning or is it the sound of rain drops falling freely, tapping on your windows at night? Some say what motivates them is a cemetery. Day after day they drive past and count how many people are unable to get up every morning and do what they are able to do, breath. One even told me hate motivates them, the same hate that pushes people to kill, defame and break others down mentally, emotionally and physically. Seemingly ironic, isn’t it?

Most mothers say their kids and families motivate them even when time for sleep is rarely an option and throw-up has become part of their wardrobe. A young girl who wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks but beautiful deep down to her soul told me other beautiful girls motivate her. Girls who hide their ugly personalities under makeup and vicious words, preying on others to make themselves feel good. I told her, “Exterior beauty without the depth of a kind soul is merely a decoration.”  She looked at me and chuckled, as if I were speaking a foreign language, and this too motivated me.

You know what else motivates me? My sister. The fact that my sister was unable to live a free and blissful life motivates me to live one for her. The fact that my sister could not raise her children and go to work every morning without a fight motivates me. The fact that everyday she kept a bright smile on her face and had the strength to pass that along to others while she was slowly dying inside motivates me. Loosing my best friend doesn’t take away my motivation, in fact, it pushes me harder to do all the things she never got to do. Living out her dreams, keeping her vibrant spirit alive and passing down witty stories about her to her boys, that’s what truly motivates me.

We don’t have to look hard to see the cynicism that invades our world and everyday lives, what we do have to do is look harder for those trying to change that and feed off of their energy. Be rational, be positive and most of all be motivated to make this world a better place. “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

– Ash Xoxo


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  1. Profound. What motivates me, is the chance to express my emotions through my art. To make some sort of difference in the worlds. And to help others achieve their goals. Your writing has depth and meaning. I know you will make a wonderful screenwriter.


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