Someone like you


For years I’ve been searching for someone like you, longing for someone so passionate and riveting, a best friend by day and lover by night. Someone like you who understands the tragedies I endured throughout my life, who holds my hand on those dreadful nights I cry my heart out, yearning for my sister who I lost to evilness. Someone like you who lifts my spirits and shows me that everyday is a new beginning and every night is a slumber party. Someone like you who accepts my demons even when I can’t accept them myself. A man so strong and honest with his love and loyalty that even jealously is fictional. Someone like you who brings out the best in me, who breathes life back into this once damaged soul of mine. Someone like you who allows me to take the lead sometimes and pay for our meals because we are in fact, equals. Someone like you who reads my writings, listens to my poetry and enjoys the little things life has to offer. Someone like you who’s adventurous, spontaneous, and is willing to break the rules to have a little fun. Someone like you who gets up day after day and dedicates his time to helping broken marriages and torn apart families, but yet reassures me that when the time is right, ours will never result to that because our love is different, our souls have lived, died and rose again without one another. We’ve perused our careers and dated other fish in the sea and after everything, we realized that whatever souls are made of, ours are the same and belong only with each other. Someone like you who knows the grass is not always greener on the other side but greener where you decide to water it. Someone like you who has been used by others for materialistic things and has not let that scorn you and take away from helping those who are in true need of your love and friendship. Someone like you who loves his mother dearly and puts her first because you know that how a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife, with love and the utmost respect. Someone like you who loves someone like me.

I’m glad I found, someone like you.

-Ash Xoxo


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